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It’s the r/Melbourne daily discussion thread [Sunday 26/03/2023]


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PSA Too the two dickheads who ran off with my dogs soccer ball at goschs paddock


We've had that fucking ball since she was a pup, we were about 10m away and you cunts grabbed it and ran then threw it on the fucking M1. Go fuck yourselves, I can barely afford food at the moment and that was her only fucking ball.

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Roads Patience for Learner Drivers


Can I please remind all drivers to be patient with learners. To the moron who blasted his horn at my son at a busy roundabout, fuck off ya stupid cunt.

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PSA Costco Docklands has a fuck load of PS5 if anyone wants one!

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Photography Faint Aurora Australis last night as viewed from Phillip Island

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Ye Olde Melbourne Williamstown Technical School, 1980, Year 11 - 3

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Opinions/advice needed Am I an a hole?


I told my best mate over a few beers tonight that if I see a driver throw a lit cigarette out the window and I capture it clearly on my dash camera footage that I report them to the EPA.

He straight out said I'm an asshole.

Am I an asshole?

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Politics Should Melbourne Ban / Tax / Restrict airbnb?


airbnb is removing housing stock and fracturing communities. Is it time we regulate this?

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Things That Go Ding We’ll never change.

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Things That Go Ding Ahem, excuse me?

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Photography I was developing a roll of film the other day, and instead of the photos I took, the film contained old photos already taken. Does anyone know who these people are so that they can enjoy some old memories that were re-discovered?

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The Sky is Falling Bunnings with the discou........wait a second

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Real estate/Renting Just handed my notice to vacate our rental and property manager says "Please keep the electricity connection in 10 days so that we can finish the final inspection smoothly". Is this even right or legal? I always thought we disconnect the power as soon as we hand the keys.


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Photography Happy weekend you beautiful people!

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Ye Olde Melbourne Thank you Melbourne


Hi everyone, I posted last week seeking ideas for exporting the city (without reading the rules first). I am wrapping up my trip in your beautiful city this morning. I just wanted to thank you all for hosting me and my daughter. I could not believe how much I loved the architecture of your buildings and the friendliness of you all with my dumb questions while getting around. I loved how easy the trams were, especially the free zone!

Some highlights were the Krabby Crab Boil, 2D Cafe, Maniax ace throwing, and the little surprises we found down little alleyways. And of course everyone at Knotfest m/ !!!

Thank you again and I can't wait to visit again!

Much love!

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Serious Please Comment Nicely Bike Found Discarded - Carlton

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Ye Olde Melbourne What’s with the hordes of eshays at brighton beach station?


Never been to the station at night before and was cooked out. Is the meme of them all having rich parents true? Or do they just migrate there every night?

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Photography Sunset at Camberwell

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Video Ufo sighting?

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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Real estate/Renting Found on a Melbourne renting group. We should not be giving this much power to landlords its not a job app

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Opinions/advice needed I accidentally invented a simple dessert you all might like. “The accidental sub”.


My dear readers, I have recently stumbled upon a discovery that I simply cannot keep to myself. It all began during my weekly grocery shopping at the Coles supermarket. As I perused the discounted bakery section, I spotted a batch of brioche rolls that piqued my interest. I decided to purchase them, as I believed they would make for a delightful breakfast in the morning.

However, as fate would have it, my discovery did not wait until dawn to be revealed. In the dead of the night, hunger pangs seized me with such force that I was compelled to visit my refrigerator in search of sustenance. As I surveyed the contents within, my eyes fell upon the brioche rolls, and I decided to indulge in one for a midnight snack.

As I sliced the roll in half and slathered on some peanut butter and strawberry jam, I believed my creation to be complete. But then, a brilliant idea struck me like a bolt of lightning. Why not add a scoop of salted caramel ice cream to this already heavenly concoction?

Without hesitation, I fetched a pint of the creamy treat from my freezer and placed a generous scoop between the brioche halves. And lo and behold, my dear readers, the accidental ice cream sub was born.

The combination of the sweet, flaky brioche, the rich peanut butter and jam, and the indulgent salted caramel ice cream was nothing short of divine. I immediately knew that this discovery was not meant for my palate alone.

Thus, I implore you, my dear readers, to try this creation for yourselves. I am convinced that it will leave you in a state of unparalleled culinary bliss.

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Photography First ever scallop pie today (Lorne)

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Opinions/advice needed Why are so many boorish/abusive people employed as managers and 2ICs in hospitality ?


RANT : I've worked in hospo on and off for over 5 years and faced more bullying and casual racism from the people I've work with than actual customers. Today a manager was extremely micro managey and rude to me and a coworker and lowkey intimidated the supervisor to clock us off early (after 4 hrs, the shift was meant to be 9hrs) and said "I saw them chatting to each other" I did not even know the guy's name and I hadn't said a word to him aside from "do you think we need more stock". I really wanted to say something but I just ended up crying instead and hate myself for it. This is not the first time this has happened and it's ALWAYS the people I'm working with being incredibly hostile and on days like this I find it quite hard to love this city and its people.

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Roads We have a winner! #StKilda

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Ye Olde Melbourne Looking over Myer Bourke St, 1938

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Photography A beautiful temple in Springvale

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