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For the woke people on this sub.

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r/pics 15h ago Narwhal Salute Take My Power 'MURICA Timeless Beauty Take My Energy Heartwarming LOVE! Wholesome Seal of Approval I'll Drink to That Gold Bravo!

Today I became a citizen of the greatest country in the world.

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GUN PIC Decided to show some pride! Inspired by someone who posted their pistol with trans flag colours

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America, what the fuck are you waiting for to follow the French example?


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Employment [ON] Does moving to Texas make sense financially for us?


Partner and I make a combined income of approximately 15k monthly (goes-up a little later in the year) - 300k gross.

My partner’s received a offer to move to Texas (coding jobs). The salary would be significant - 300k USD - just salary alone. Total comp higher.

The only “hick-up” would be that I would likely not be able to continue my employment in the USA. So we’d loose my source of income (~100k).

I’m obviously all for going to the US - it would afford us an opportunity to live the middle class lifestyle we’ve always wanted (house, car, kids). It also means I could focus on other tasks, or retrain and go into something more meaningful.

Partner thinks our quality of life won’t increase meaningfully, doesn’t want to be far from family, and isn’t happy about the idea of me not working.

Am I crazy thinking that this transition would be financially freeing for us and not the wrong move?

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Question Everyone take a knee and repeat after me..All Hail the savior Adam Aron. Invest my money in you.

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Game Modding The Great Rework 1.7 - Intelligence Agencies - National Stockpiles - Ministries and Ministers - Local State Governors - Prime Ministers & Vice Presidents - Private Construction Controls - New Stock Exchange system - Spanish Civil War - Foreign Investments expansions and improvements, and much more!


Hello everyone!

Today, i bring to you The Great Rework 1.7 update! A Major Update to The Great Rework Overhaul mod, in which we added so many groundbreaking new systems and features!

As you can see in the title, we added Intelligence Agencies, National Stockpiles, Reworked institutions to become ministries and ministers, map reworks, state governors and much more!

We held an event where we teased all these new features and showcased them to our discord members 2 hours ago, so feel free tojoin our discord to learn more about the new update, discuss it with our community, make suggestions and see even more screenshots in #tgr-teasers channel!

Alright, without further ado, take a look at our new features! :













There's a new "Administrative strength" character stat which depends on the character's traits and affects their administrative strength.. well make sure to pick a competent minister!

USA Departments instead of Ministries

Inflation system!

National Stockpiles!



Governor of Ohio!


This update is massive, i cannot show everything and all new features on reddit due to the 20 images per post limit. Please join our discord and check out #tgr-teasers for all the screenshots! We hosted an amazing event and dozens of people attended, had a great time :)

I hate Reddit 20 images per post rule... Join the discord to see all the screenshots in #tgr-teasers channel.

Download The Great Rework 1.7 right now from the Steam Workshop or Paradox Plaza!

Let's pray Paradox doesn't take the mod down so they don't go out of business!

Lastly, please please please join our discord and provide your suggestions to the mod. We can make and rework any systems, we can design amazing high quality features.. Join our discord and make suggestions in our #suggestions channel, nothing is impossible, nothing is hardcoded, join us and share your ideas with us!

All the features i showed above and 99% of the new update is TGR made and TGR exclusive, I however want to take this moment to show my appreciation and thank the modding community for integrated mods in TGR :) We will have an updated list with credits up soon!

Take a look at our patchnotes for 1.7:

@ The Great Rework Update V1.7.0


# New content:

- New Intelligence System, an entire new DLC! You can start an intelligence agency, recruit spies, research agency upgrades and upgrade your agency, unlock operations and do both internal and foreign operations. Spy networks, and so much depth added to it!

- Prime Ministers & Vice-Presidents now exist, with special names for certain countries

- Local state governors system! Each state has a Governor now. Governors are not interest group leaders, not military comamnders. Governors are new role and character type!

- Added a new system and Interface to for private construction controls, where the player can choose which buildings be allowed to be built by the private investment pool nationally and in a state-per-state basis.

- National Stockpiles system! Completely new Stockpiles system added to the game, with a button in the lens to the bottom of the screen. You can stockpile and release goods, and build more warehouses. National Stockpiles are now a new government building.

- Reworked Institutions system to Ministries and ministers! Actual cabinet system now! USA has "Departments and Secretaries" instead of ministries.

- New Stock Exchange system, reworked publicly traded production method and added new goods: public equity, company stock and investments! Treasury bonds are also produced in the central bank

- Spanish Civil War flavor and content. Added so much new content and flavor for Carlist & Isabella paths. Carlists have events and content about conquering South America, will get claims on them, and state reform. Isabella must reform the state after the civil war or otherwise, another Carlist war will trigger!

- New Ottoman flavor, Ottoman clothes and historical sultans, also added a new journal entry for the eastern Armenian crisis, historical ottoman railways journal entries like Hejaz and Baghdad Railways.

- Reworked the colonization system: Visual improvements, berlin conference claims and removed legacy colonization button, colonial capacity now showing in the topbar, colonization status and progress bar when you click on a nation.

- Build government administration to raise Taxation capacity & build railways to increase market access decisions are now new buttons in the buildings tab

- Special custom "Pasha "name ending for Ottoman officials

- New Administrative strength character stat that determines the administrative strength of that character, affects modifiers to your country.

- Reworked the foreign economic investment system, with new interface and user-friendly UI, added all buildings possible, all.

- Added Call to arms & Join Wars features

- Huge Map rework, added so many new states to eastern Europe, reworked Korean map, added some new state regions, grand overhaul to Russia's map & France got so many new states, fixed all issues with Argentina & Canada states and cities. SO MANY NEW CITIES

- Overlord's ruler will be showing in the country panel for subjects now

- New law groups: Labor Unions law group, minimum wage law group, press rights law group, penal system law group, gun control law group, currency standard law group.

- Pop need for small arms and ammunition

- New inflation system! Inflation rate is a scaled modifier that is applied to your country depending on your inflation. Inflation is influenced by expensive goods, goods in shortage and central bank policy.

- Innovation Sharing diplomatic action

- Mormon flavor for the USA. More detailed flavor content for the tensions in Missouri, to the Mormon extermination order, escape to Illinois, then migration to Utah, etc.

- Added more Mormon pops in historical places in USA

- The Congo recipient is now elected in the berlin conference

- Added Activate and deactivate all conscripts buttons

- New flavor content:

- Addition of the Mexican expedition for Imperial France

Napoleonic France can now invade a Republican Mexico if the existence of the CSA block USA from enforcing the Monroe Doctrine. Be succeeding, France ensure the creation of a new Mexican Empire led by Maximilian von Hapsburg with a new flag.

- Franco-Prussian War fully implemented

The Elm dispatch can now be triggered by the North German Confederation with the "Secure South German Unity" decision, France will have to decide to act or not. If the war was to be lost by the Germans, France could take the Rhine if claimed by decision. But bewear, as the intrusion of France on German territory could force the Germans states to unify in a GrossDeutschland.

- Decisions for France to claim the Catholic Benelux

France was stripped of it's natural border, it is up to the 2nd Empire to reclaim it. By claiming the Benelux with a decision, France can now try to invade Belgium and even ask for the buying of Luxembourg to it's owner the King of the Netherlands if France managed to won the Franco-Prussian War

- Roman Republic path added to the Papal States (JE, events)

As the springtime of the people sweeps across Europe, the powder is set alight in Rome where the "Liberal Aggitation" has been seeking concessions from the Papal power since the Congress of Vienna. The demise of the Pontiff will however attract the wrath of countries like France and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies who will most likely try to restore His Holiness. But fear not, great revolutionaries such as Garibaldi will join this battle between two eras.

- Garibaldi's Principat path for Roman Republic (events, JE to restore Roman Empire)

The revolution is geopolitically secure, but internally discontent is growing in the event of prolonged non-legitimacy of the government. If the "Republic Breaks", then perhaps a hero with too much power and too much recognition could rise up and stop the anarchy that is taking over Rome

- New government types for Imperial France and Garibaldi's Roman Republic

The Roman Republic takes its inspiration and legitimacy from the ancient state, but if it is to do so, why not also claim its heritage? If you were to listen to these murmurs from the Capital, what would prevent you from conquering the Mediterranean and re-establishing the Roman Empire?

- New stability mechanic, affected by modifiers, base stability is 50%. Stability shows in the top bar.

- Added an event to increase war support by 5 whenever a country wins 3 consecutive battles

- Complete rework of healthcare, the institution no longer gives mortality modifier, and now hospitals exist as a building, along with pharmaceuticals industry.

- Complete rework of education, the institution no longer gives education access modifier, and now schools exist as new buildings

- Universities now got a special new production method group "College Branch"

- Integrated "Songs of the Ukrainian Revolution" music mod

- Added new music under 'The Great Rework Music' (Music Player Support)

- Added American Patriotic Music (Music Player Support)

- Updated Morgenröte - Dawn of flavor to latest version

- Laissez-Faire now cannot construct economic buildings, and the investment pool is always set to autonomous, the game rule was removed (we have a new private construction control system)

- New main theme music added and gave life the main-menu video!

- Rebalanced law enactment time, it now takes minimum 250 days for all countries to reach a law checkpoint

- Added a game rule to turn off cut down to size diplomatic play

- Added a game rule to tweak infamy values and infamy decay

- Colonial capacity is now displayed in the topbar

- Integrated the Ultra Historical Mod Series, both Ultra Historical Research & Education and Ultra Historical Politics. This makes politics and literacy more realistic and immersive. This also solved a lot of issues like forming mega parties. Now, interest groups would rather not join a party than join a mega party

- New tech called "Vitamins" added to the game (was hidden by pdx)

- Small arms are now Yankee, Dixie and Texan obsessions

- New comet sighted event (credit: comet sighted mod)

And much more for you to discover in the game!


Join the discord!

- Peace

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Jenna Ortega is an industry plant


If anyone has been paying attention, her sudden and immediate rise to fame is actually very similar to how Billie Eilish just suddenly rose to fame in the pop music scene in 2018. It really feels inorganic, like it was a very plotted scheme to get her into the mainstream, to push who knows what kind of agenda.

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Zack didn’t originally wanted to take a chance on Bliss because he knew she wasn’t White. He had lit up when Irina confirmed her whiteness by stating she’s from Russia and he’s always had an issue with struggling to be accepted because of his background. I guess he didn’t want to double it with possible biracial children and a WOC wife as well….. Just a THEORY btw :).

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Discussion Unpopular opinion : its boring


As someone who at this moment has Diablo 2, Diablo 1, POE, Last Epoch, Grim Dawn, Wolcen, Titan Quest, Torchlight 2, Dungeon Siege installed and actively playing - my opinion of Diablo 4 after some 12+ hours is not that great.

I started with Rogue, got to level 10, and honestly could not imagine I would play that class in live game. I started thinking it will resemble Demon Hunter from D3, but it seemed like it was that with all the "pazazz" removed.

So I decided to start fresh with another class. And I chose Druid. This showed much more promise and mechanically was fun to play. Build wise possibility it was heads and tails above the rogue - but still the whole tree felt very limited compared to other modern ARPGs

But let me get into why I think the game is boring. And why honestly I don't see how it will work as MMO of any longevity.

  1. Open world design. So open world is always the same map and not randomly generated. I won't argue with this choice. But in this case the open world should really be stunning with memorable locations. Instead what we got is overworld that looks like it was procedurally generated, has same structure, and is simply bland to the point my eyes got tired and looked for some diversion from gray nothingness and blandness. More over, the zone is not even that big. I would say its size of 4 D2 open world zones side by side. Now remember - this is ACT1 , there will be what 4 acts ? So if this a MMO , you will be looking at this exactly the same zone for 1000 hours.

  2. Dynamic events. That are put in the zones to spice up otherwise dreadful slog, got boring so fast I even seen people simply avoiding them. To make it worse they are always at exactly same place. If player wants they can just stand in same spot and do them over and over ( or even bot ? ). So its 1-3 scenarios happening one after another on the same spot.

3.Mini Dungeons They are always on the same spot on the map. And they are smaaaal. Literally takes you 50 seconds to finish them

4.Dungeons The meet and bones of ARPG and Diablo, are among most linear I have seen among all games mentioned above. They seem to be procedurally generated, but expect just a straight line of O shape. They usually have 1 or two type groups of monsters and take some 10+ minutes to clear. And the worst is that if you want to do them again, you can not simply return and new dungeon will be generated.

  1. Gameplay Mechanically the gameplay was good, and monsters had interesting mechanics. The health potion mechanic was cumbersome , but other than that it was pretty good ( Reminded me of Wolcen ) However the build mechanic is very linear. I wont go to much into this because I am sure other will talk about it.

  2. Staying true to old Diablo games I can see how important is that the game stays thematically the same. But lot of abilities and class mechanic seem same as D2 just remixed into ability tree. Hate to say but D3 was far more innovative and fresh.


All In all, after playing I have serious doubts for how long it will take me to get bored. I was already bored after 10 hours. And this game is supposed to be MMO with thousands of hours.

I think that the biggest offenders are static open world that is really bland and small. And really really disappointing dungeons.

... But of course that is my opinion

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Destiny Destiny wishes he talked about Hasan more.

Thumbnail youtube.com

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full of peaceful people

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So I thought I would just put this here

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Shitpost / Meme There are other perks guys

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☁ Hype/ Fluff BBBY ripping, right now 🚀!!!

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Diablo IV Corpses are immersion breaking as Necro


The cartoony looking, bright red shinning corpses all over the place really don't fit the mood of the game.

Is there any way to tone down the corpses if not outright disable the visual? It annoys me

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Should the Denver nuggets be scared of the Lakers


Healthy AD , Lebron coming back. Team full of shooters and depth.

If I’m Denver I’m hoping lakers get the 7th seed or higher and avoid them at all costs. Or the nuggets will be embarrassed in the first round. AD will abuse Jokic in the post.

Should the Denver nuggets be scared of the Lakers

Should the Denver nuggets be scared of the Lakers

Should the Denver nuggets be scared of the Lakers

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Bravo LVP excuses racism but not cheating - why?


So recent leaks from the reunion said that even LVP was going in on Tom/Raquel during taping.

When Stassi and Kristen were outed for being huge racists, LVP defended them by saying they weren’t racist and that she has plenty of diverse people working for her.

When Brandi was racist to Joyce multiple times, LVP just laughed alongside it.

So why is it that when it comes to this cheating, it seems she’s finally deciding to draw a line?

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Opinion What kind of cooked mf came up with Druid?


I dont know whats going on, im playing hardcore on veteran and the first boss already took 10 mins to kill, while im running around with 0 pots.

I dont care how druid endgame looks like, but the early game is just horrendous with druid.

Getting the "Pets" was just icing on the cake.

The awesome bird that takes like 30 Second to kill a normal mob.

The feared wolves, that do a charged jump attack only to miss a stationary target, while dealing no dmg.

I cant even do a dungeon, because every boss feels like a raid boss with the amount of dmg you do.

I love this game, especially rogue, but druid is just cooked.

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Opinion: QTV sucks and is a detriment to Hobbs


Their segments are goofy, cringe, and only hurt Hobbs' presentation as a powerhouse meant to be feared. Hobbs doesn't need dorky goons. If AEW thinks he needs a mouthpiece, it should be Taz or Jake the Snake - guys that can make you tremble in terror at their clients - not a comedy club. I like QT and what he has provided to AEW, but him and Hobbs are not a good match, and their pairing and QTV doe nothing to elevate the TNT title.

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Does anyone listen to music created decades before they were born?


Just asking questions

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Rage Against the Machine are actually terrible


Riffs played over and over with surface level lyrics stating basic concepts like fascism = bad

No dynamics or interesting concepts, just stupid music for stupid people.

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I love how offended the PC / woke people get.

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